Secure GRF (includes GRF Encryptor and Game Client Decrypt Library)
Written by Realanan


1. System requirements
  1) .NET Framework 2.0 required to run “SecureGRF.exe” file.
  2) Game client don’t need any other environment.

2. Encrypt grf/gpf files:
  1) Execute “SecureGRF.exe”.
  2) Click “Encrypt GRF Files” button.
  3) Click “Add GRF Files” button and add the grf/gpf files which you want to encrypt. The grf/gpf file must be the version 2.00, any other versions not support.
  4) You can click “Remove from list” button to remove the grf/gpf files from the file list.
  5) Enter the output path to put the encrypted grf/gpf files.
  6) Enter the password to encrypt and the password to validate.
  7) Click “Do Encrypt!” button to encrypt the grf.

3. Configure and export the client profiles and librarys:
  1) Execute “SecureGRF.exe”.
  2) Click “Configure Client Profile” button.
  3) Select the game client executable file, such as “sakexe.exe”, “ragre.exe”, “xray.exe”. You must do anything to this file, because after configure, this file can’t be modified, except to change the filename.
  4) Enter a filename of the kernel library. This file is the “SecureGRFLib.dll” file, you can rename it with any style of name. But the name only can be shorter than 7 bytes.
  5) Enter a password which uses to decrypt the grf/gpf files.
  6) Select an output directory to export the profiles and librarys.
  7) Click the “Configure” button to do configure.
  8) Open the output directory and copy all the files in the directory to your client patch directory.

4. About the auto-patch tools:
  There is nothing problem offical online patcher to patch the encrypt grf/gpf files. So Secure GRF don’t include the auto-patch tools. You can use any other compatible patcher to patch the encrypt grf file.
  However, I’m afraid that this problem haven’t been verified yet. So if it won’t work with  patcher, you can contact me.

  顺便说一下,这个版本是简易版本,不带GRF、RGZ打包功能,没有客户端更新器,加密和保护功能也比Athena Game Protector 5弱,只是起到了比Advanced GRF的加密高一点点的安全而已。国内用户还是使用Athena Game Protector 5比较恰当。





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